When sinister beings create chaos in the past and future, only one crew of superteens called the Time Force Power Rangers can tackle the challenges of time and space. But now the legendary team faces more danger than ever as each adventure place them in a new and exciting era in history. Equipped with futuristic vehicles and weponry, the Time Force Power Rangers will leap forward and backwards through the ages to fight evil wherever it occurs.

Toy information
* 5 Time Flyers morph together to become DX Time Force Megazord 3 different mode (Red, Blue, Jet).
* DX Time Shadow Megazord morphs to 2 different mode (Winger, Megazord).
* DX Time force Megazord and Time shadow Megazord morph together to become Ultimate Battle Power Time Force Megazord (Red, Blue).
* 2 Megazords with 12 Different modes of play!!!
* This is SPECIAL COMBO PACK that includes 2 DX Megazords.

Box size:20" x 13" x 4"
Product year:2001
Product maker:Bandai America
Product number:#10109
Toy Size:9" (Megazord mode)

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SPECIAL COMBO PACK (DX Time Force Megazord & Time Shadow Megazord