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--- 1994 Power Rangers 2nd season ---
Gosei Sentai Dairanger

Sentai is the Japanese television series which we adapt into Power Rangers. Sentai has been on the air in Japan since 1975. Beginning with Zyuranger (1992), Saban used the Zord and Ranger footage from these Sentai shows, and combined them with new footage featuring American actors, creating what we know as Power Rangers.
A sentai series was set to air on 1993, called Gosei Sentai Dairanger in Japan. Dairanger came USA on 1994 as Power Rangers 2nd season.

Five ordinary teenagers have been chosen to save the world from Evil Space Aliens. Using special Power Morphers, the teens call on the spirits of the ancient dinosaurs and transform into incredible Power Rangers with the ability to summon the mighty Power Zords. When all else fails, the Power Zords join together to form even more powerful battle machines. Will they be strong enough to save us from destruction?


DX Thunder Megazord/Dairenoh

Red Thunderzord / Pegasus / Lion / Giraffe / Fire bird

DX Red Thunderzord/Ryuseioh

Red Thunderzord morphs from Dragon mode to Warrior mode.

DX Assault Team

Pegasus / Lion / Giraffe / Fire bird

DX White Tigerzord/Won Tiger

White Tigerzord & Assalut Team morph together to become Mega-Tigerzord.

DX Tor the shuttlezord/Dimugen

Thunder Megazord, White Tigerzord & Tor morph together to become Ultra Tunder Megazord.

DX Serpentera/Daishinryu

Serpentera morphs from Dragon mode to Warrior mode.

5.5inch Space Alian

Snizard Lips / Eye Guy / Pudgy Pig / Spidertron / Stag Beetle

Knasty Knight / Pete & Repeat / Dramole / Pechster / Grumble Bee

Minotaur / Slippery Shark / Lord Zedd / Pythor / Putty Patrol

Goldar / Fly Trap / Robogoat

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