What is Soul of Chogokin?
To Make metal robot toys (Chogokin) was started again by Bandai Japan around 1997. Mazinga Z is 1st line up labeled as GX-01, and then spread out to encompass toys like Getta Robo teams, Com-Battler V, Dancouga etc. These toys are remasterings of the original 1970's toys made of diecast metal. In general Soul of Chogokin toys have many real fists instead of firing fists. Paint is now applied in a perfect finish and most joints are poseable.

GX-28) Blue Gale Xabungle
GX-26) Doublas M2
GX-25) Garada K7
GX-20) Getter Poseidon
GX-19) Getter Liger
GX-18) Getter Dragon
GX-13) Dancouga
GX-12MA) Venus A (Mazinger Angel)
GX-12) Venus A
GX-11MA) Dianan A (Mazinger Angel)
GX-11) Dianan A
GX-10) Boss Borot
GX-09MA) Mineva X (Mazinger Angel)
GX-09) Mineva X
GX-08MA) Aphrodai A (Mazinger Angel)
GX-08) Aphrodai A
GX-04) UFO-Robo Grendizer
GX-03) Com-Battler V
GX-02) Great Mazinger
GX-01B) Mazinger Z Black ver.
GX-01) Mazinger Z

New toys are coming my house!
Mazinger Angel MINERVA X



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