Sentai is the Japanese television series which we adapt into Power Rangers. Sentai has been on the air in Japan since 1975. Beginning with Zyuranger (1992), Saban used the Zord and Ranger footage from these Sentai shows, and combined them with new footage featuring American actors, creating what we know as Power Rangers.
A sentai series was set to air on 2003, called Bakuryu Sentai Abaranger in Japan. Abaranger came USA on 2004 as Power Rangers Dinothunder.

When an evil paleontologist unleashes his increadibly strong and intelligent Dino Zords, a high school teacher must reignite his secret three students to help him. But can a rebellious soccer star, an independent musician, and a champion gamer become super hero Rangers in time to tame the DinoZords and vanquish evil?

Toy information
* Launch missile from mouth.
* Open hatch.
* Brachiozord was sold out in Japan only and never sold out in USA.
* 4 missiles and 7 miniture dino zords (Tyranno Zord, Tricera zord, Ptera zord, Cephalo zord, Dimetrozord, Parasaur zord and Ankylo zord) are included.

Box size:11" x 7" x 7"
Product year:2003
Product maker:Bandai Japan
Product name:Bakuryu Action Series 3 BRACIOSAURUS
Toy size:Length 14" Height 9"

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Bakuryu Action Series 3 BRACHIOSAURUS (Brachio zord)