What is Ultraman?
Before there were Power Rangers, but after Godzilla there was Ultraman. ULTRAMAN debuts on July 17, 1966, the first in a nearly forty year run of programs featuring ULTRAMAN and the other Ultra Heroes. 1st Ultraman came from "Light star (Hikari no Kuni)" of M78 star nebula.
Bandai sold out the 6" Ultra Monster old serise of No.1 to No.140.

Bandai Ultra Monster old Series
No.1) Space Alien Balton (1st Ultraman)
No.2) Redking (1st Ultraman)
No.3) Blackking (Ultraman Jack)
No.4) Eleking (Ultraseven)
No.5) Gomolla (1st Ultraman)
No.6) Zetton (1st Ultraman)
No.7) Bemstar (Ultraman Jack)
No.8) Thailant (Ultraman Taro)
No.9) Kanegon (Ultra Q)
No.10) Garamon (Ultra Q)
No.11) Space Alien Hippolyte (Ultaman A)
No.12) Kingjoe (Ultraseven)
No.13) Antler (1st Ultraman)
No.14) Gielen Space Monster (Ultraseven)
No.15) Keella (1st Ultraman)
No.16) Tellesdon (1st Ultraman)
No.17) Nelonga (1st Ultraman)
No.18) Geronimon (1st Ultraman)
No.19) Gango (1st Ultraman)
No.20) Bemler (1st Ultraman)
No.21) Gunder (Ultraseven)
No.22) Seaborse (1st Ultraman)
No.23) Space Alien Godlla (Ultaseven)
No.24) Micrus (Ultaseven)
No.25) Space Alien Metlon (Ultaseven)
No.26) Space Alien Mefilas (1st Ultraman)
No.27) Space Alien Ikarus (Ultaseven)
No.28) Space Alien Pegassa (Ultaseven)
No.29) Windham (Ultaseven)
No.30) Skydon (1st Ultraman)
No.31) Arise Draco (1st Ultraman)
No.32) Gubilla (1st Ultraman)
No.33) Namegon (Ultra Q)
No.34) Space Alien Guts (Ultaseven)
No.35) U-tom (Ultaseven)
No.36) Kemler (1st Ultraman)
No.37) Heidlla (1st Ultraman)
No.38) Vanilla (1st Ultraman)
No.39) salamandlla (Ultraman 80)
No.40) Gicogiller (Ultraman 80)
No.41) Takkong (Ultraman Jack)
No.42) Astromonse (Ultraman Taro)
No.43) Ron (Ultraman Leo)
No.44) Satanbeetle (Ultraman Leo)
No.45) Belocron (Ultraman A)
No.46) Agilla (Ultaseven)
No.47) Gimera (Ultraman 80)
No.48) Gudon (Ultraman Jack)
No.49) Twintail (Ultraman Jack)
No.50) Mukadender (Ultraman Taro)
No.51) Bukishim (Ultraman A)
No.52) Acekiller (Ultraman A)
No.53) Sellary (Ultraman Great)
No.54) Broace (Ultraman Great)
No.55) Kingsurus III (Ultraman Jack)
No.56) Space Alien Temperor (Ultaman Taro)
No.57) Sugaron (Ultraman Jack)
No.58) Remodeling Pandon (Ultraseven)
No.59) Dada (1st Ultraman)
No.60) Guesslla (1st Ultraman)
No.61) Aborus (1st Ultraman)
No.62) Seagorus (Ultraman Jack)
No.63) Kingcrab (Ultraman A)
No.64) Aribunta (Ultraman A)
No.65) Mecha-Balton (Andromeros)
No.66) Gamakuzilla (1st Ultraman)
No.67) Ballava (Ultraman A)
No.68) Space Alien Bogue (Ultaseven)
No.69) Crazygon (Ultaseven)
No.70) Nurse (Ultaseven)
No.71) Giant Yapool (Ultaman A)
No.72) Dodonngo (1st Ultraman)
No.73) Space Alien Vila (Ultaseven)
No.74) Godeth I (Ultraman Great)
No.75) Gellcadon (Ultraman Great)
No.76) Degunja (Ultraman Great)
No.77) Majava (Ultraman Great)
No.78) Plantbios (Ultraman Great)
No.79) Kodaller (Ultraman Great)
No.80) Space Alien Zum (Ultraman Neos)
No.81) Draingeran (Ultraman Neos)
No.82) Space Alien Benzene (Ultraman Zearth)
No.83) kottenpoppe (Ultraman Zearth)
No.84) Golza (Ultraman Tiga)
No.85) Melva (Ultraman Tiga)
No.86) Gakuma (Ultraman Tiga)
No.87) Kirieroid (Ultraman Tiga)
No.88) Regatoron (Ultraman Tiga)
No.89) Space Alien Reguran (Ultraman Tiga)
No.90) Evoryu (Ultraman Tiga)
No.91) Gazord (Ultraman Tiga)
No.92) Rayrons (Ultraman Tiga)
No.93) Digital Kanegon (Ultraman Zearth)
No.94) Lady Benzene (Ultraman Zearth)
No.95) Miraclon (Ultraman Zearth)
No.96) Darkler (Ultraman Zearth)
No.97) Gobnue (Oguma) (Ultraman Tiga)
No.98) Devandadevan (Ultraman Tiga)
No.99) Silvegon (Ultraman Tiga)
No.100) Talaban (Ultraman Tiga)
No.101) Space Alien Stundell/Redlle (Ultraman Tiga)
No.102) Magnia (Ultraman Tiga)
No.103) Shovalie (Ultraman Tiga)
No.104) Kingmorat (Ultraman Tiga)
No.105) Goldrus (Ultraman Tiga)
No.106) Gurdie (Ultraman Tiga)
No.107) Gatanozore (Ultraman Tiga)
No.108) Diegelun (Ultraman Dyna)
No.109) Baoone (Ultraman Dyna)
No.110) monseaerger (Ultraman Dyna)
No.111) Hanejiro (Ultraman Dyna)
No.112) Garaon (Ultraman Dyna)
No.113) Gelanda (Ultraman Tiga & Dyna)
No.114) Dethfeiser (Ultraman Tiga & Dyna)
No.115) Neosrus (Ultraman Dyna)
No.116) Sealdron (Ultraman Dyna)
No.117) Rayquebus (Ultraman Dyna)
No.118) Demagorgu (Ultraman Dyna)
No.119) Vazobu (Ultraman Dyna)
No.120) Neojiomos (Ultraman Dyna)
No.121) MountenGalliver5go (Ultraman Dyna)
No.122) Zelganoid (Ultraman Dyna)
No.123) Apatee (Ultraman Gaia)
No.124) Gun Q (Ultraman Gaia)
No.125) Mizunoeryu (Ultraman Gaia)
No.126) Antimater (Ultraman Gaia)
No.127) King of Monse (Ultraman Tiga, Dyna & Gaia)
No.128) Basilis (Ultraman Tiga, Dyna & Gaia)
No.129) Scyulla (Ultraman Tiga, Dyna & Gaia)
No.130) Zonnel II (Ultraman Gaia)
No.131) Enzan (Ultraman Gaia)
No.132) Ruquelion (Ultraman Gaia)
No.133) Zaburga (Ultraman Gaia)
No.134) Superpazuze (Ultraman Gaia)
No.135) Supercobbu (Ultraman Gaia)
No.136) Zogu (2nd Metamorphosis) (Ultraman Gaia)
No.137) Shibitozoiger (Ultraman Gaia movie)
No.138) Pegilla (Ultra Q)
No.139) Kemool-jin (Ultra Q)
No.140) Space Alien Zagon (Ultraman Nice)
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